xcmap.net - Privacy Policy

The General Data Protection Regulation governs how xcmap.net must handle personal data about individuals. This privacy policy explains how we collect and use such data.

When you submit an .igc flight log we extract your name (if you have entered this into your flight instrument) as well as data relating to your flight. This is the minimum information required to record your flight. You will also have the opportunity to nominate home club. When you submit this data you give consent for it to be stored for the purpose of recording and displaying flights on xcmap.

We will only use this data to maintain an archive and flights and we will keep as little information as possible. Anyone who uses xcmap can see the information you enter. We will not sell any data entered on xcmap. You can have access to all data held about you and you have the right to request corrections and for us to delete this information please email chris@xcmap.net


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