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Northern Challenge Trophy - Latest flights - Click on the pilot name to view the flight.

Flight date Pilot Task name Score
18-05-24Nick KavGRID Model Ridge 136
21-04-24Nick KavanaghGRID Model Ridge 34
21-04-24Nick KavanaghGRID Model Ridge 9
04-04-24Bill ScottGRID Model Ridge 143
27-04-2024Elliott BrownConiston120
02-04-2024Simon BaillieGRID Parlick 266
03-03-24Jacob AubreyFar Whitestones178
24-02-24Rob UrselmannWindbank Cradle 125
06-08-2023Alan OliverClough88
16-10-2023Alan OliverWhernside35
22-10-2023Alan OliverFar Whitestones Cradle 30
22-10-23Elliott BrownFar Whitestones Cradle 197
16-10-2023Geoff CrossleyBlease NCT823
16-10-2023Tim OliverBlease NCT798
23-09-23Elliott BrownGRID Parlick 267
13-09-2023Geoff CrossleyWhernside208
02-09-2023Tim OliverFar Whitestones Cradle 90
04-09-2023Tim OliverWindbank Cradle 432
06-08-2023Elliott BrownClough195
20-07-23Rob UrselmannDodd58
09-07-2023Martin BaxterStags133
24-06-2023ElliottBrownGRID Parlick 160
11-06-23Elliott BrownGRID Parlick 206
26-05-2023Geoff CrossleyFar Whitestones Cradle 651
25-05-23Tim RogersFar Whitestones Cradle 98
25-05-2023Tim OliverFar Whitestones Cradle 186
25-05-23JOHN WESTALLFar Whitestones Cradle 652
24-05-2023Martin BaxterDodd138
20-05-23Elliott BrownWhernside682

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