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Northern Challenge Trophy - Latest flights - Click on the pilot name to view the flight.

Flight date Pilot Task name Score
25-03-22Mike MasonFar Whitestones Cradle 8
02-05-2022ElliottBrownGRID Parlick 57
18-04-2022ElliottBrownGRID Parlick 106
14-04-2022Andrew AustinWindbank Cradle 127
14-04-2022Tim OliverWindbank Cradle 273
14-04-2022Tom HodgkinWindbank Cradle 301
14-04-22SIMON TOMLINSONWindbank Cradle 591
10-04-2022Tom ShuttleworthWindbank Cradle 259
28-08-2021Martin BaxterGRID - Dodd (30k)185
02-08-21Tim RogersFar Whitestones Cradle 30k203
13-07-21Harvey FosterPendle DBLFAI (31k)26
20-07-21Harvey FosterGRID - Parlick (24k)222
02-08-21Harvey FosterFar Whitestones Cradle 30k582
23-07-2021TomSConiston Cradle (26k)104
23-07-21Tim RogersConiston Cradle (26k)500
21-07-21Mike MasonFar Whitestones Cradle 30k154
20-07-21Mike MasonFar Whitestones Cradle 30k242
17-07-21David BradwellGRID - Dodd (30k)208
17-07-21David BradwellGRID - Dodd (30k)172
17-07-2021Martin BaxterGRID - Dodd (30k)212
14-07-2021Tom HodgkinGRID - Clough (19k) 72
14-07-2021Martin BaxterGRID - Dodd (30k)172
22-06-21Martin BaxterGRID - Model Ridge (21k)167
17-06-2021Mark Tam MorrisonGRID - Clough (19k) 67
05-06-2021Tim OliverGRID - Parlick (24k)176
05-06-2021Graham McAnanyWindbank Cradle (29k)263
05-06-21Martin BaxterWindbank Cradle (29k)524
05-06-21David BradwellWindbank Cradle (29k)270
05-06-2021James GoldsboroughWindbank Cradle (29k)127
04-06-2021Tom HodgkinFar Whitestones Cradle 30k303

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